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Common Problems and Solutions - Check Back For New FAQ's:

Problem: ScanDroid crashes as soon as I try to connect to my scanner online. OTG works fine and the server IS running with no errors reported.

Answer:  Is this a CURRENT (less than 2 years old) device? Could be lots of things - check any firewalls, try over LAN first before doing any port forwarding or VPN - usually something network related is to blame and the app doesn't always catch the error gracefully. If your device is NOT current, it may not support the bitrate ScanDroid Server uses. We're working on a fix so people can use older devices too - we all have a ton of 'em laying around.


Problem: When I connect my BCD436HP via USB to my device, the scanner drains my device's battery very quickly. Is there any solution to this?

Answer: If you have a powered USB hub availalble then you should be able to pair the devices together with that and not experience the "Drain of Death" as we've come to call it. Dual port car/wall chargers or battery packs do NOT work - they do not pass data between the devices. We're tinkering with a charger of our own however that will so stay tuned for that. 


Problem: I connected my scanner to your app on my last road trip and it worked fine for GPS scanning, however when I got back home some/all of my systems aren't working! What's going on?

Answer: ScanDroid needs to turn ON location based scanning in order to set the scanner's GPS location. This will cause the scanner to skip any systems in your scanlist that do NOT have any GPS coordinates assigned. Use Sentinel to add the GPS coordinates to any systems that are missing them (or turn location  back off altogether) and this should resolve the problem.

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Quick Setup Guide and User's Manual

Please use the button below to download a PDF copy of our quick setup guide and user's manual. A lot of common issues can be resolved quickly by referring to this document.