ScanDroid X36




ScanDroid X36

ScanDroid X36 is currently available for free in the Google Play Store. This is an early release so please be patient with us as we work diligently to fix any last minute bugs and add new features over the coming months. We are very excited to bring this project to market after 6+ months of nearly daily work and hope you enjoy using this new app to enhance your scanning experience.

ScanDroid Server for Windows

To listen to your scanner over your LAN or mobile internet connection, please download and install the latest ScanDroid Server for Windows. A new version is coming that will run on Linux and Mac, so please check this page for updates.

To listen outside of your LAN you may need VPN software or you can try forwarding the ports. Visit the support page for a quick setup guide that contains more details on setting this up.

Amazing Deals on Compatible Scanners

Ready to buy? We have affiliate relationships with some of the nation's largest and most reputable Uniden scanner dealers and highly recommend purchasing your x36HP scanner from one of the dealers listed below. Each purchase also helps support ScanDroid development, so it's a win-win! Simply shop around among the dealers listed below and choose the best deal!





Are you a scanner dealer with an affiliate program? Tell us about it! Please visit out Contacts page and we'll be in touch!