ScanDroid X36



About the ScanDroid Project

The ScanDroid project started out as a "what if" experiment. What if you could use the GPS already in your Android device for location based scanning instead of a dedicated external GPS unit? What if there was a way to control the scanner AND listen remotely over your device's internet connection? After a bit of research and a quick experiment to see if I could read data from a BCD436HP scanner via an Android app, the idea for ScanDroidX36 was born. 


However, the task of building it up from a simple tool that feeds GPS coordinates to a connected scanner into a fully featured application that scanner hobbyists would actually want to use has taken several months of daily development work - and we're not done yet! I expected to release this product much sooner than we did, but I'm glad we made the decision to wait until the product was more stable and had a decent set of basic features we could build on.


Right now ScanDroid is a work still very much in progress, so you may find some things don't quite work right and the feature set is not as robust yet as we would like, but new features and bug fixes will be implemented as the project continues to evolve.  If you own a Uniden BCD436HP or BCD536HP scanner and would like to try our free app, please click the button below! Thank you so much for your support and interest in ScanDroid!



-Phil Smalley

ScanDroid Chief App Developer



Pretty much sums up the reason behind all the delays...